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Three Strategic Benefits of HMP Master System

Operators, owners, and guests in this era of rapidly evolving technology have more information than ever before in the history of the hospitality business. HMP Master & its integrated HMP Mobile and TravelX guest-facing app allow for a seamless, efficient interface between investors, owners, operators, managers, staff, and guests in many unique ways.

The first strategic benefit we see from this integrated system is the positive side of immediate feedback from guests which in turn empowers management with a real-time action tool for genuinely improving service delivery. This information exchange allows Sales and Hotel teams to respond instantaneously to requests. Additionally, owners and operators can periodically review comments from guests and examine their spending habits – thereby enabling hotels to improve ROI in facilities such as Spa, Minibar, Pool bars, Restaurants, and Limousine services – high-profit margin, cash flow opportunities.

The second strategic benefit is the level of guest interface – a guest could check out from his app and avoid morning check-out queues. For hotels that will soon use apps to open guest room doors using Bluetooth technology, guests can pre-check in and open their doors. Guests also have via the hotel’s website and TravelX app a direct method to book, check-in, and walk straight into their rooms using HMP Master. The guest benefit here is that he/she is now in total control of time where they do not have to wait for check-in and check-out formalities given the online capability of the HMP Master System.

The third powerful strategic benefit for operators is in managing Sales & Marketing production more closely. The HMP Master system is the primary tool for scheduling and reporting on Sales & Marketing calls and production instead of using third-party non-connective systems for this purpose. Additionally, within the Sales benefit is data collection and usage – so critical in directing marketing campaigns effectively using PR, Social Media, and Search engine optimization.

In conclusion, HMP Master allows for the replacement of costly, inefficient “legacy” systems in favor of leading-edge technology, HMP Master, both cost-effective and productive across all departments and stakeholder groups.

Christopher E. Stafford

Luxury hospitality professionals since 1980 – milestones include brand development of Anantara, Naladhu, and 137 Pillars Hotels & Resorts. Career beginnings with Westin Hotels and Regent International. Currently CEO and Founder of The Orient & Occident Company specializing in luxury boutique and tented lodge experiences staffordedison.com orient-and-occident.com bookzaga.com

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